Monday, January 21, 2013

Catwoman Process

This is what you can expect, if you commission me. Process photos, from pencils to finishes on this Catwoman piece.

Initial drawing with some basic shading.

First pass inks: brush work
Second pass: technical pen - background and hatching
Third pass: the arts and crafts part, cutting out a piece of bristol board
to cover up the figure and buildings. Why?
Splatter and more dry brush - india ink thrown on with an old toothbrush
Fourth pass: black fills
Fifth pass: crow quill hatching
Sixth pass: white acrylic paint to create lighted windows
Final pass: tweaks and touch ups
Scanned final version


  1. That process was really cool to watch! I'd always wondered how artists get so many different effects on a single page.

    Also love that your female figures don't have twig-snappy waists.

    1. Thanks. This is just what I've picked up/figured out over the years of practice and studying. Every artist has their preferences and techniques.
      And yes, I will go with a more narrow waist if I'm applying more cartoony proportions, but the sway back is generally not for me. I like to keep in mind the type of character when drawing them. There are three basic body types and a huge variety within those, so I like to play with that and try to give every character a unique look.
      Glad you like it.