Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still at Work

 Passed the half way point on issue two, but still behind. I'm hoping I can make the 60 day mark, from when the first issue went live.

 Anyway, here's a couple teaser images from issue two.

There's some good character development in this one. I just have to finish illustrating it.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Female Faces

Ugh, every time I get used to something's layout, it gets changed. Google/Blogger has changed the layout, so now I'm probably going to screw up, on this post. Enough bitching, for now...

Most comic artists are men. Most men, kinda suck at drawing women. Obviously, I'm not the first to make this observation. One of the theories as to why, is men try to make their female figures too perfect. You'll see a wide variety in the male figures, generally. While there is a standard heroic male body type, these guys clutter their universe with women that all look like centerfolds. On the rare occasion that they are asked to specifically draw a woman who isn't of that body type, the guys typically screw up.
Learning the three basic human body types is a helpful tool. Look at real people and you'll see plenty of examples of the endomorph, some of the ectomorph, but rarely the mesomorph. If you're not familiar with those terms, just have a quick search, because right now, I want to focus on faces.

Too many artists just draw the same handful (if that) of faces with different hair and maybe some scars or something, over and over. This is particularly true of women's faces.
It takes practice to draw faces. It takes even more practice to draw faces that look different. And, it takes a lot more to draw faces that are attractive, yet still have unique features.
Scarlett has a pointy chin. Sofia has big eyebrows. Laverne has a bulbous nose. Lindsay has a cleft chin. Lucy has a tiny chin. Thora has deep set eyes.
These features jump out at you. None of them are "perfect", but does it make them any less attractive?