Thursday, April 3, 2014


I did a painting of titular Rayne for Jim Sterling, and got a bit carried away with it. It was just going to be a quick, one off, as a bit of fan art, because... well, because thank god for Jim Sterling. But it kinda got away from me, and have a look for yourself.

One for the portfolio, at least.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Truly, I am a great artist.
New York City, here I come, spread ya legs.

Fool's Errand

April Fool's Day: a day to commemorate Christians mocking pagans for celebrating the new year on a different, mostly-trivial point in the Earth's orbit around the sun. Also, unfunny people trying to pull pranks.
I'm not a grump. OK, I am, but really the attempts at being funny by people who aren't funny... it's just tedious. A good prank is both believable and ridiculous. Convincing people that Bathesda is working on Fallout 4, is not a prank. Convincing people that Bathesda decided to make it a point and click adventure game or a mobile game, would be a prank. The first thing is completely believable, but has no punchline. It's just a lie, there's no element of being fooled. Why wouldn't Bathesda be working on Fallout 4?
The key, really, is not believing a lie, the key is getting people to believe a really stupid lie. [Make your own religious joke here]