Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jason Pearson does Norman Rockwell

I like Jason Pearson. I think he's one of those artists who's never gotten enough attention. It's not the most famous of Rockwell's paintings, but this little homage makes me smile.
Hat tip to I Love Comic Covers, for the side by side.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Am Rage - Amazon Edition - updated

Amazon's Kindle store is kind of poorly set up. I can't put free items on it and if I want to sell something for less than $2.99, I can only get 35% royalty on it. I wanted to price my comics at 1.50, which I think is a fair price. But 35% of that is jack shit, so I decided to upload to Kindle in a bundle deal. I Am Rage one and two will be sold as one item for $3 on the Amazon Kindle site.

I could have just waited and put the entire thing on there as an anthology, but I'm hoping sales will pick up, being listed on Amazon, because, frankly, sales have been shit. Lots of downloads of the freebie prologue, but not the full issue.
At this rate, I may just say fuck it, put it on the back burner, and go look for freelance work.

I Am Rage 2

I Am Rage issue two, is going live.
I just finished uploading the second issue to Drive Thru Comics' website.

Why did it take 60 days, instead of the comics standard of 30 days? Because I don't have a team. I'm writing, penciling, inking, scanning, lettering, and coloring on my own. And because I was impatient, I didn't wait and build a page buffer, before I released the first one.