Friday, November 15, 2013

Listening Material

"What do you listen to, while you work?" I have never been asked. I'm going to tell you anyway: podcasts.
Here is a list of podcasts I regularly listen to

Cognitive Dissonance
Exposing Pseudo Astronomy
The Scathing Atheist

All but Exposing Pseudo Astronomy are atheist in nature and very sweary. Exposing is science based. I'm only able to follow parts of it, especially when it gets heavily into maths, but I like the host's voice enough to keep listening when I don't understand.

Oh, and obviously, release date on Anthroxenic has been pushed back. It's taking longer than I had anticipated, and I have to work with other people, which slows down the process a little more. But trust me, it'll be worth it. Working with an editor has been very rewarding and it shows in the material. It's probably going to a New Year's release. Maybe Christmas - maybe.