Monday, August 27, 2012

Issue Three

I Am Rage number three is really late, but I can see the finish line. I've had a lot of delays and there's just nothing I can do but keep working.
However, number four is on indefinite hold. Instead, I'm going to go into "between issues" type of strips, on a weekly basis. I'm thinking Wordpress is where I'll put that, because I can plug in a navigation tool, which Blogger doesn't seem to have, without getting stuck on a crappy webcomics host with crudely drawn, poorly written fetish fuel types of comics. Sitting next to crap may make your stuff look like a Masterwork, in comparison, but people are still run off by the stink.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Joe Kubert Cover Homage

With Joe Kubert's death, I wanted to do a cover swipe homage. I was also wanting to experiment with a different kind of coloring and to do something for Erik Larsen. So I shot this out in record time, yesterday.

This coloring method is much faster and I'm applying it to the comic, now. Which means it should only be a month late. Look, shit happened, it's late, but I've hit a stride, now. Should be done, soon.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Princess Plum

Movie Bob was on about why wasn't there a bad girl version of Princess Peach, a la Wario and Waluigi. He mentioned a few parameters, so I decided to do up a design as a warm up. The line work is for shit, because I wasn't warmed up and my hand was behaving like a child in a supermarket. I still thought it was cute, even if it does kinda look like a Bratz doll.