Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Rage Cover Mockup

A cover mockup, with logo, for I Am Rage.

I think that's what I want to call it, anyway. I was calling it My Name Is Rage, then changed it, on impulse, recently.
The characters have certainly changed from my original design drawings. Except Roger. I pretty much nailed the cartoonyness for him, on the first go, but the others weren't exaggerated enough.
Ray (the one with the cricket bat), was too well proportioned, in the model drawing. Since I'm using cartooning, he needed to be unrealistic; big shoulders, big neck, small head. Eve (the gal in the catsuit) just looked like any superhero comic female; she's supposed to be a stripper turned vigilante sidekick, so I needed to exaggerate her boobs into huge territory, to get across the big, fake stripper boobs idea.
For this, I wanted to showcase some of the design, because I haven't done any "fashion shots" in the pages. I wanted to show Ray's facial scars and his t-shirt design. I figured there might be some confusion about what the hell was on his shirt, without any clear shots of it, but storytelling comes before showing off, and I just never got any good, clear shots of his chest, in there (especially after I rewrote part of the prologue).

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