Monday, April 1, 2013

Special Edition

So, in the podcast I did here, I announced a project. Go listen to that, then read more after the jump.
I announced a special edition of I Am Rage. No, not like the Lucas Special Editions, more like the Star Trek Blu-Ray set; the story is the same, but all the lettering and a good portion of the artwork has been redone. Because I didn't have a proper grasp on the style, the first go-round. Honestly, I was introducing levels of cartooning I'd never used before and trying to find my way. The short of it is: the art kinda sucked. Especially on Eve. The new material I'd produced for Terrors of the Earth didn't match up, at all, to that in the first three chapters. So I redrew a lot of it. Tweaked things, and the lettering in the first chapter was just awful, so I redid it. Word balloons fit better, the font is better, pointers point at characters mouths, general placement is better.
I just couldn't stand looking at, anymore, so I took what felt like 6 months, but was probably about one, and redid the fucking thing. There's even a new page in there, which establishes a scene better. So now, all three chapters are collected in one file, which 10 pages of extras, for $3, on Drive Thru Comic and Amazon Kindle (the links are on the right of the screen, with the other quick links). Comixology hasn't gotten back to me yet (two weeks and counting), but if it goes live there, I'll have a link for it.
Oh, it also has a new logo. Special thanks must go to Erik Larsen for spending about an hour going back and forth over Twitter, helping me with that. I don't know why he has such a reputation for being an asshole, he is one of the nicest people. Really, the guy goes around at conventions, giving portfolio reviews, on his time. But I digress.
If you looked at the comic before and didn't like the art, give it another chance. The first chapter's on me.

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