Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Because

The days of the week have strange names. Ever wonder how they got those names? You can read Wikipedia, but briefly,

Sunday - named for the sun, the Sun's Day
Monday - named for the moon, the Moon's Day since the sun already got one
Tuesday - named for the god most commonly referred to as Tyr. Those old Germanic spellings will get you.
Wednesday - Woden's day, another Anglo Saxon/Germanic/Norse god
Thursday - Thor. Did you not see the movie?
Friday - The only one named for a goddess, sometimes spelled Fryja, Freja, or even Frigg. So yes, Friday is friggen sweet.
Saturday - Saturn, apparently the only non-Germanic/Norse/Anglo Saxon deity that got a day (in English) But it seems it was actually named for the planet, which was named after the god.

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